06 Apr. 2021

Technology Use and Overuse


Take a moment and think about the following question: how much time do you spend in a day when you are NOT looking at a screen? Most of us, if we are very honest, would answer “not much”. I often find myself on my phone or on my laptop, either for work or for my free time...

15 Mar. 2021

Drawing the line: Introduction to the series


Too much of anything is bad, as is too little of something.

Too many calories make you obese and too little leaves you malnourished.

Too much studying makes you dull and too little, well we all know what happens when you barely study!...

01 Mar. 2021

Fear of Missing Out a.k.a FOMO


FOMO is an old age phenomenon which has gained recent fame and popularity thanks to the glorious world of social media, ergo it is a much more known lingo in our generation. Unfortunately, known doesn’t translate into understood...

15 Feb. 2021

Peer Pressure


Has someone ever told you “try a cigarette, nothing will happen!”, or “you have to drink with me today else you are a loser”, or something along those lines? That is often known as peer pressure...

01 Feb. 2021

Adolescent Cliques and Groups


Adolescent friendships and companionships can be tricky! Teenagers have a lot of choices to make, with regard to whom they want to be friends with, the groups they want to be a part of and hang out with, the actions that they need to do so as to be accepted within those groups, so on and so forth...

15 Jan. 2021

Adolescents: Peers & Friendships


As we grow and learn to expand our relationships, many people influence who we are and how we perceive ourselves and others. During our adolescence, we start spending more time with our own age groups who become our peers and friends...

11 Dec. 2020

Nutrition: Pillar of growth


When we talk about health, we often understand it as the absence of disease or sickness. While this definition is valid, there is a need for a comprehensive approach to health that focuses on overall well-being.

We need to assess health and wellness considering a wider spectrum that is dependent on various pillars such as: ...

30 Oct. 2020



To be a parent is one of the many joys and challenging tasks on the face of this earth. After all, bringing a life into the world, being responsible for them, providing for them and most importantly being their best cheerleaders and rooters for the rest of their life can be anything but easy...

06 Oct. 2020

Raising Compassionate Children


Compassion is the “sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it”. It is different from mere sympathy and pity as it involves not just concern for others but also a desire to help others work through their distress -an act of altruism...