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An attempt to encourage socio-emotional bonding amongst individuals in groups of 5 so that they come to form other’s support system and stick together through thick and thin.

mate5 what
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Centenarians around the world
today are saying that the key factor
to longevity is social contentedness.

Increasing trend towards single
child and nuclear families within
the society and lack of sibling bonds


Student shall choose 5 group members as per their liking. Who would stick together in activities aimed at fostering in group harmony, sharing personal narratives, helping each other through personal and/or academic challenges.

mate5 how
mate5 benefits


  • Successful Ageing
  • Strong Support system
  • Academic assistance
  • Self-discovery
  • Shared experiences


“Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others.”
- Harriet Lerner

Centenarians around the world have clearly expressed that the key factor in ensuring long and good health and wellness for an individual lies in community connectedness in addition to good diet, exercise and meditation. Therefore, emotional and social connectedness to family and community is one of the most important factors for an all-inclusive-good health, wellness and longevity in life.

Mate 5 is thus, an attempt to create long standing relationships wherein, each child gets to choose a set of 5 people that they can fall back on for years to come. We plan to forge meaningful relationships and provide opportunities for them to flourish and grow.

The authentic social and emotional connection found in true friendships is a source for unconditional support, and acts as a springboard for growth and self-evolution. It also forms one’s biggest safety net and enables an individual to lead a rich, meaningful and fulfilling life. We envision the sibling-like bonds within MATE 5 to create a resilient and uplifting environment, in times of small and huge crises alike.


Hooley’s (1902) Looking -Glass Self Theory, suggests that individuals develop a sense of who they are through their relationships and roles in the society they exist in. In a collectivistic country like ours, relating to others and forming important group memberships is not only an essential goal but also means of self-development. Group memberships serve several other functions for individuals such as fulfills their need for belongingness (Davis & Smith, 2007); provides them with social/emotional support, knowledge and information (Festinger, 1950; Schachter, 1959); enhances their self – esteem (Crocker & Luhtanen, 1990).

Research reveals that individuals crossing the age of 100 usually have relationships and friendships to fall back on, which provide them with greater support and motivation to not only live, but live better and wise. Socio-emotional connectedness therefore becomes an important factor for longevity in addition to all the obvious ones - good diet, regular exercising, refraining from ‘bad’ habits (excess drinking, addiction, smoking etcetera).

MATE 5 thus becomes a great, one of its kind endeavor to provide the most important cushioning to children - honest friendships.

The need for a concept such as this in today’s world is imperative. A shift from joint to nuclear and/or single-child families, leaves a child dependent on friends to learn relevant social and emotional skills towards their emotional nurturance. In today’s times the competition amongst children for access to the best of the resources – education, extracurricular is at an all-time high, which has rendered students with an emotional lacuna – in terms of an inability to form deep meaningful bonds rooted in trust, affection, respect and honesty.

MATE 5 therefore, envisions to create safer spaces for children to experiment, experience and explore. It aims at fostering socio-emotional learning through these associations that are going to last a lifetime.


MATE 5 is built upon the idea of encouraging and facilitating students to form their tribe. Your tribe constitutes people you would rely on for support in times of crisis, support that once was known to be offered by immediate/extended family. Your tribe serves as your best defence against social/emotional starvation in this sometimes forlorn world.

Through MATE 5 we wish to encourage and facilitate the students in choosing 5 members for their MATE 5 group. Once the groups have been formed, they will participate in all activities designed to build engagement and enhance their bonding together. These activities would largely be rooted in principles of socio-emotional learning. The most effective way to learn and grow is through soliciting and receiving feedback. They would be participating in activities that would involve trusting one another, team-work, sharing personal stories and struggles, helping each other through problems, fostering group learning and creating life-long support systems for each of them. The composition for MATE 5 will be shared with them, and they will be handheld and guided through the journey of forging relationships that are designed to stay forever.

Through the course of time, we hope that their MATE 5 group becomes their tribe - a group bound by trust and emotional intimacy. Success shall be achieved when they start perceiving one another more than close friends/group mates to considering each other like family - their chosen family.

MATE 5 - Benefits

Though our societies have changed exponentially in terms of growth, development and technology, the basic needs of human beings haven’t. We still function best or become the most authentic version of ourselves when we are surrounded by a group of supportive, respectful and appreciative others, and MATE 5 provides just that.

Human beings have an innate need for belonging and affiliation, and the concept of MATE 5 tries to fulfill just that, by making them feel like a part of a community which provides unconditional love, support, and dependability. It offers avenues for better and more authentic functioning due to the presence of a small group of supportive, respectful and appreciative individuals, better physical health and functioning, and a longer life.

A Harvard study revealed how individuals with greater social connections, outlived their reclusive peers by almost 2 and a half years; MATE 5 works towards strengthening these very social connections. MATE 5 is also likely to provide opportunities for greater self discovery within interpersonal relationships as they engage with each other and share experiences filled with lessons of life. The best way to grow, to learn, to improve is through feedback, peer based academic assistance is another likely benefit, wherein, the students knit together by the MATE 5 bond, come together to help each other in academic as well as co-curricular pursuits, supporting each other through the thick and thin of life. In conclusion, it provides a longstanding sibling like social support, strengthened interpersonal bonding which is a must enroute holistic growth and development.. If we can find ourselves surrounded by people who wish the best for us and help us to constantly tap our potential – there is nothing more magical in the Universe.

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